Prune Boutellier Pousseur, treating a child

Osteo-craniosacral therapy
Holistic therapy


Prune Boutellier

 Prune Boutellier Pousseur, therapist

Born in 1973
mother of three children
I speak French, English and German


After passing my baccalaureate in Paris in 1991, I completed a degree in physiotherapy in Brussels.
Belgian physiotherapists are internationally recognized for their professionalism, their precise work in response to the specific needs of their patients and a wide and varied spectrum of knowledge.

As a physiotherapist I worked in Paris, Nice and Switzerland. In 1998 I specialized in urogynecology.

In 2000 I took a course in manual lymphatic drainage.

In 2001 I specialized in urogynecology following a training in Uro gynecology and pelvic floor rehabilitation.

In 2008 I started studying osteopathy which I completed in 2013 in Germany, at the Deutsches Manuelle Therapien Kolleg.
The school is attached to the Collège d'Études ostéopathiques de Montréal which was the first school founded in Canada and which now includes 5 different schools in different parts of the world. Access to these osteopathic studies is exclusively reserved for physicians and physiotherapists.
The studies consist of 1500 hours of scientific subjects such as anatomy, neurology, embryology, physiology and practical subjects.

Since 2011 I am also certified in cranio-sacral therapy.


Practice :
1995-1997 : employed physiotherapist at the Kantonspital Baden
1998-2003 : independent physiotherapy practice in Paris and Nice
2004-2009 : independent physiotherapy practice in Niederrohrdorf
2010-2014 : independent osteopathic practice in Riga, Latvia
2014-2017 : independent practice "Gesundheitszentrums" in Fislisbach
2018 - present : independent holistic therapist in a competence center in Niederrohrdorf and Wil.


Additional training :
1999 : Lymphatic Drainage
2000 : Pelvic floor therapy
2001 : Physiotherapy and aesthetics
2013 : Osteopathy in Pediatrics
2014 : Osteopathic treatment of traumatic spasms, concussion
2015 : Osteopathic treatment of the vascular tree
2016 : Osteopathy and Gynecology, Infertility
2017 : Self-regulation in Osteopathy
2018 : Respiratory therapy, treatment of trauma
2018 : Shamanism - The Sacred Temple
2018 : Shamanism - The feminine force
2019 : Shamanic Medicine
2019-2023 : Training in Homeopathy
2023 : Shamanism - The feminine healing force

Prune Boutellier Pousseur, her office

The office is located in
Praxis steinhof
 Aeschstrasse 4
5276 Wil, AG

Tél. 079 823 70 37

and also to
 Mülimattstrasse 2
Niederrohrdorf (5443), AG


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